These days everyone is always on the go, and we use our vehicles for everything. Unfortunately, sometimes these activities can leave a hazardous mess in your car that needs special care to be cleaned and decontaminated. Depending on the type of contamination the process can be as simple as high-temperature steam cleaning, or as complex as disassembling the car’s interior and replacing the components.

At Detailing Utah, our experienced team can handle most hazardous cleaning and decontamination jobs. Whether your car has been vandalized, stolen, or just needs a thorough cleaning you can trust us to return your automobile in pristine condition, free of all contamination. In many cases, the cost of the cleaning will be covered by auto insurance.

Some of the most common specialty cleaning jobs we offer include:

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Biohazard Decontamination

Biohazard cleaners are used to thoroughly sanitize, deodorize and clean the area where a violent crime, suicide, or traumatic incident has occured. Biohazard cleaning can be particularly challenging, as proper cleaning requires technicians to handle potentially hazardous materials such as blood and bodily fluids and the appropriate handling of scene is crucial to the safety of everyone involved.

Detailing Utah uses highly effective methods to properly clean and sanitize crime and trauma scenes, unattended deaths, and other tragic situations to ensure the site is safe for current and future occupants of the affected site.  If the exterior of the car has been affected, it will also need the paint, wheels, and undercarriage cleaned.

What Constitutes a Biohazard Situation? 
Biohazards are organisms or byproducts that are harmful or potentially harmful to humans. Some examples of biohazards are:

  • Blood
  • Feces
  • Urine
  • Vomit
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Toxins
  • Medical Waste

Child Birth Decontamination

Giving birth in a vehicle can create quite the mess, the combination of blood and amniotic fluids can cause stains, odors, and leave your car looking like a disaster. To decontaminate the vehicle entirely, it will need a thorough cleaning to remove all of the fluids that may have set into the seats and flooring.


Meth Decontamination

We hear a lot about meth contamination in homes, businesses, and hotels, but making and smoking meth inside a vehicle is quite common, and sometimes an unsuspecting buyer is left to clean up the mess. To clean the toxic chemicals associated with meth all of the porous surfaces on the car need to be stripped and in many cases replaced.

Meth Testing Prices for Vehicles:
Next Day: $185

Two Day: $150
Four Day: $125

Car Theft Decontamination

In the unfortunate event your vehicle has been stolen and recovered, we are here to help.

While police may go through your stolen car after it is recovered to look for evidence related to the crime, they do not clean the vehicle before returning it to you. Police departments also do not test for possible substance contamination after a theft, and unfortunately, it is very common for a stolen vehicle to have possible substance residues such as meth present after recovery. Vapors from methamphetamine cling to surfaces and form into crystals and those who come in contact with such surfaces could ingest the meth through their skin or other ways.

Detailing Utah is the only detailing company throughout Utah to offer this service to our customers, and our main priority is to ensure your vehicle is back on the road safe and sound for future use.


Flood Decontamination

A vehicle that has experienced flood damage is left exposed to a great deal of harm not only to the exterior but the interior as well, if not properly cleaned. Water damage in vehicles can cause rust, electrical shorts, and mold, as water can become trapped in your carpets and undercarriage. The presence of mold in an everyday vehicle can lead to serious health repercussions left untreated. At Detailing Utah, we specialize in Auto Flood Decontamination to bring your vehicle back to normal after flood damage has occurred and help prevent further damage from occurring and get you back on the road safely.