At Polished Image, the essence of your happiness is in the details. Forget about mobile detailers and shops that offer a gas station quality of clean. One thing that we know about our clients is they want a far better experience than an automation shop can provide. So, why are we able to achieve such spectacular results for our clients.

  • Using the most powerful cleaners allows us to remove a variety of stains and stubborn messes.
  • Our central vacuum system is as powerful as a small hurricane, and it gets deep into the fibers of the thickest materials.
  • The strength and determination of our team allow us to perform incredible tasks while doing so in a safe manner.

Will your vehicle look its best?

Whether you have a small car, enormous truck, or a trendy SUV, our team will get into the deep recesses of every nook and cranny.  We also strive to make your experience quick and painless by working around your schedule. Please call our shop manager to arrange a time that works for you.  

Our team has experience with all types of difficult cleaning scenarios, including but not limited to: blood, gum, melted crayons, milkshakes, pet hair, cigarette smoke, etc.

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